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Sarjana Sains Bioteknologi (Master of Science in Biotechnology by Research) KPT/JPS(PA 8823)07/22

The Master of Science in Biotechnology (by research) is a research oriented well-balanced program designed to teach experimental skills in regard to updated and recent problems in biotechnology. In the present time the knowledge of biotechnology can help us to manipulate organisms at the molecular level via genes. The course will also help the students to specialize in research and development, public advocacy, and entrepreneurship. The course focuses on the medical, environmental and agricultural applications of biotechnology and also ensures that the students are aware of the diversity of biotechnology research and enterprize, including exploration of entrepreneurship opportunities. Students can choose any one of the listed specialty for broadening the learning horizons or develop the scientific understanding that encourages independent thinking in the area of relevant applications of biotechnology.

For successful completion of Masters degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Two research articles in scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.