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Master of Science in Applied Geology KPT/JPS(PA 8791)03/23)

The M.Sc. Applied Geology under Faculty of Science is a well-balanced program designed to impart knowledge in Geology along with specialization in mining geology, structural geology, engineering geology, paleo bio geology, sedimentology, hydro geology and mineralogy. The modules would be taught by experienced and highly qualified academic staff or experts in the field of Applied Geology. Each student must complete the core courses to gain basic understanding about Geology and the application in which it is developed. Once completing the core courses,the students can choose to specialize in research and development.The all-inclusive broad based training in independent thinking, research and development, environmental development, advocacy, technology deployment, manufacturing, societal aspects,and nation building related to the application of geo-science are necessary for making transition into economy and to compete head on with the global workforce.