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Customers and visitors could judge a company's professionalism through a number of ways and one of the ways is their encounters with the employees serving them. First impressions created by competent frontline employees are very important in that positive customer perceptions and pleasant encounters help promote company image and business opportunities. Thus, employees need to know and do all the essentials to succeed in today's business environment. By learning and putting sound reception and telephone skills into daily use, these employees could truly be more effective and professional in enhancing business and corporate image.


- Enhance reception and telephone skills to be competent at work
- Learn the skills to match customers / callers preferences
- Learn useful vocabulary and phrases that advance rapport
- Develop positive and happy attitudes in performing work
- Create awareness that positive perceptions are essential for organisational well-being
- Renew confidence and motivation for better front-line performance
- Apply self-learning tips for continuous skills improvement & sustainability


Module 1: Jump Stat With Competent Mindset
- Developing willingness and initiative to learn and improve on the job
- Assessing skill levels and taking responsibility in areas for improvement
- Filling in the competence gap with KASH

Module 2: Making Positive Reception Impact
- Understanding visitors / customers needs and expectations
- Projecting appropriate first impressions in building cordial relationship
- Breaking ice through helpful words and phrases
- Applying key skills in giving and gathering information

Module 3: The Reception Administration
- Organsing the reception work station for professional impressions
- Selecting appropriate tools for work efficiency
- Managing time through scheduling tasks and timelines

Module 4: Listening And Non-Verbal Communication
- Understanding the motives of listening
- Developing the 6 P?s for good listening
- Utilising effective body language for rapport building

Module 5: Communicate Positive Image
- Creating pleasant first impressions by observing appropriate etiquette
- Observing pointers on personal hygiene and grooming
- Paying attention to unspoken details

Module 6: Importance of Telephone in the Organization
- The roles of telephone in the organization
- Understanding the tele-features
- Understanding the callers perceptions
- Developing ownership attitudes in using the telephone

Module 7: Your Speaking Voice On the Telephone
- Assessing speaking voice for personality improvements
- Conveying messages effectively through proper voice inflections
- Creating favourable listening impressions and enhancing the callers listening willingness

Module 8: Your Communication Preference
- The VAK dynamics
- Utilising VAK effectively in different situations
- Matching the customer?s communication preference

Module 9: Proper Telephone Techniques
- Assessing your telephone skills  reality check
- Creating pleasant impressions through essential telephone courtesy
- Answering the telephone calls  implementing professional courtesies
- Planning & making telephone calls
- Taking messages effectively
- Managing the call-backs

Module 10: Turning Complaints Into Opportunities
- Learning the key skills in handling difficult callers
- Dealing with angry callers and diffusing sensitiveness
- Applying appropriate assertiveness
- Seeking avenues for positivity in complaint situations
- Ensuring follow-ups and fulfilling promises

Module 11: Developing Skill Sustainability System
- Personal action plans for continuous reception and telephone skill practices
- Perpetuate self
- confidence and renew self- motivation
- Buddy system for practical moral support


The modules are application-based, interactive and participative allowing the participants to practise the skills. There is a mixture of lectures, case analysis, skill practices, presentations, group dynamics and discussions to integrate learning.

Assessments on telephone skills and speaking voice will be conducted to assist the participants in reality checks to bridge the improvement gaps.


All personnel in reception, customer care, clerical and administrative positions who aspire to seek improvements.


RM1,588.00 per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,388.00 per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 19 May 2014)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)


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