Bachelor in Cosmetic Science (Honours)

(N/0531/6/0005) (05/29) (MQA/PA 17337)

The Bachelor in Cosmetic Science (Honours) programme at Lincoln University College, Malaysia, is the first bachelor’s degree program in Malaysia focused on the scientific aspects of cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products.

Subject Highlights

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1MPU 1183Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations3
2MPU 1193Philosophy and Current Issues2
3BCSM 6113Cosmeceutical Chemistry2
4BCSM 6123Fundamental to Human Science3
5BCSM 6133Cosmetic Dermatology3
6BCSM 6142Cosmetic Law and Governance2
7BCSM 6152Introduction to Beauty and Wellness2
8MPU 3312Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
9BCSM 6213Dermal Pharmacology3
10BCSM 6223Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation3
11BCSM 6233Cosmetic Microbiology3
12BCSM 6243Nutritional Biochemistry3
13BCSM 6252Nutraceutical2
14BCSM 6262Business Management2
15BCSM 6273Cosmetic Biotechnology3
                                                                                 Elective I
16BCSE 6212Introduction to Theory and Practice of Skin Care2
17MPU 3212Human Relation and Leadership Skills2
18BCSM 6312Cosmetic Toxicology2
19BCSM 6323Cosmetic Formulation: Product and Advance Technique3
20BCSM 6332Cosmeceutical Assurance2
21BCSM 6342Pharmacology of Health Supplements2
22BCSM 6353Research Methodology3
23BCSM 6363Industrial Manufacturing Practice3
24BCSM 6373Biostatistics3
                                           Elective 2 (Choose any one from the following)
25BCSE 6312Aromatherapy2
 BCSE 6322Introduction to Make Up2
26MPU 3412Community Service2
27BCSM 6413Cosmetic Formulation: Special Products3
28BCSM 6423Instrumental Analysis3
29BCSM 6436Dissertation6
30BCSM 6443Novel Cosmetic Delivery System3
31BCSM 6453Cosmetic Procedure3
32BCSP 6512Industrial Training I12
33BCSM 6513Cosmetic Packaging3
34BCSM 6523Pilot Plant Scale Up3
35BCSP 6612Industrial Training II12
36BCSM 6616Industry Project6

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