Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (Honours)

(R/321/6/0142) (08/24) (MQA/FA4229)

The programme presents to the students an interdisciplinary basis on the theory and skills essential to develop into media practitioners and more informed media consumers. The student through this course will gain real world experience in the mass media professions. The graduates will achieve a variety of careers openings related to media eld, including advertising, corporate communication, public relations, journalism, and broadcasting.

Subject Highlights

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1BMC 1113Principles of Communication3
2BMC 1123Public Speaking3
3BMC 1133Development of Mass Communication Industry3
4BMC 1143Critical Reading and Academic Writing3
5MPU 3193Philosophy and Current Issues Course International Student3
6MPU 3143Malay Language Communication 2 Local Students3
7MPU 3183Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations International Students3
8BMC 1213Development Communications3
9BMC 1223Mass Communication: Concepts and Theories3
10BMC 1233Print Media I3
11BMC 1243Principles of Design3
12MPU 3232/ MPU 3212Leadership Skills/New Subject: Human Relation and Leadership Theory2
13ENG 613English3
14BMC 1313Photography3
15BMC 1323Print Media II3
16BMC 1333Reporting & Editing3
17MPU 3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
18BMC 2113Broadcast Journalism3
19BMC 2123Television Production3
20BMC 2133Basics of Camera, Light & Sound3
21BMC 2143Radio Journalism & Program Format3
22BMC 2153Radio Productions3
23BMC 2163Advertising: Concepts & Principles3
24MPU 3412Community Service2
25BMC 2213Advertising in Print, Radio & Television3
26BMC 2223Press Laws and Media Ethics3
27BMC 2233Media, Culture and Society3
28BMC 2243Integrated Marketing Communication3
29BMC 2253Event Management: Principles & Methods3
30BMC 2313Interpersonal Communication3
31BMC 2323Writing for Media3
32BMC 2333Science and Health Communication3
33BMC 2343Creative Communication3
                                                   *(CHOOSE ANY TWO ELECTIVES)
34BMC 3113Global Media3
35BMC 3123Public Relations3
36BMC3133Media Management3
37BMC 3143New Media Technologies3
38BMC 3153South East Asian Politics and Communication3
39BMC 3213Crisis Communication3
40BMC 3223Research Methodologies for Communication Studies3
41BMC 3233Research Project6



BMC 3318Industrial Training8

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