Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences(Honours)

(R/720/6/0068) (11/26) (MQA/FA 3170)

The Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Honours) program of Lincoln University College allows the students with the opportunity to focus on the human body at the molecular, cellular and whole body levels. They will also acquire knowledge about the disciplines of biochemistry and cell biology, physiology, developmental biology, microbiology, pharmacology and neuroscience as well as advanced study in research.

Subject Highlights

Minimum Duration : 48 Months.
Maximum Duration : 72 Months.

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1.BMS 1113Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
2.BMS 1123Cell Biochemistry & Genetics3
3.BMS 1133Psychology and Behavioral Science3
4.BMS 1143Laboratory Science and Instrumentation3
Elective (Choose any one module from the following):
5.MPU 3123Ethnic Relationship3
MPU 3113Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS)
6.ENG 613English3
7.BMS 1213Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
8.BMS 1223Human Biochemistry3
9.BMS 1233Epidemiology3
10.BMS 1243Basic Health Informatics3
11.BMS 1253Human Genetics3
12.MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relation2
13.MPU 3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
14.BMS 2313Basic Immunology3
15.BMS 2323Molecular Biology Techniques3
16.BMS 2333Basic Microbiology3
17.BMS 2343Basic Hematology3
18.BMS 2353Health & Community3
19.BMS 2413Pathology3
20.BMS 2423Pharmacology & Toxicology3
21.BMS 2433Parasitology and Entomology3
22.BMS 2443Transfusion Science and Phlebotomy3
23.BMS 2456Biomedical Practicum I6
24.MPU 3452Community Service2
25.BMS 3513Systemic Pathology and Cytology3
26.BMS 3523Clinical Biochemistry3
27.BMS 3533Medical Microbiology3
28.BMS 3563Advanced Pharmacology3
29.BMS 3576Biomedical Practicum II6
30.BMS 3613Laboratory Animal Sciences3
31.BMS 3623Advanced Hematology & Blood Banking3
32.BMS 3633Intellectual Properties, Bioethics, Biosafety & Biosecurity3
33.BMS 3656Industrial Training6
34.BMS 4712Final Year Project I2
35.BMS 4723Research Methodology3
36.BMS 4733Medical Technology and Engineering3
Elective (Choose any two modules from the following):
37.BMS 4763Ethics & Laws of Health Professional3
38.BMS 4773Environmental Microbiology3
39.BMS 4783Nutrition and Health3
40.BMS 4743Health Management, Entrepreneurship & Economy3
41.BMS 4753Health Communication & Education3
42.BMS 4791Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Profession1
43.BMS 4814Final Year Project II4
44.BMS 4823Medical Biostatistics3
45.BMS 4833Personal and Professional Development3
46.BMS 4843Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences3
47.MPU 3173Malaysian Studies3
48.MPU 3163Malay Communication3

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