Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)

(R/545/6/0043) (08/24) (MQA/FA 3440)

This programme is the combination of two faculties: Health Sciences as well as Science and Engineering to produce products and services of value to society. Biotechnology is applied in processes ranging from cheese production, brewing, and wastewater management, through to drug design and gene therapy.


This programme is the fusion of science and technology that caters to the best possible outcome for the human society and mankind. Biotechnology offers a wide perspective ranging from production of valuable substances, waste management, and drug designing through advanced gene therapy. Moreover, the programme provides knowledge ofmedicine by engaging modern molecular biology, microbiology, implementation of instrumentation and data analysis. Overall, this course develops bothprofessional and technical skills among students through practical andtheoretical knowledge considering legal as well as ethical aspects.

Program Aim

The programme of Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons) will produce Biotechnologist who are:

  • Knowledgeable in the field of biotechnology so as to contribute effectively to the society.
  • Competent in solving problems based on facts and ideas as well as possess ethical values to enable effective lifelong learning.
  • Competent in communication with interpersonal skills as well as capable of providing leadership and teamwork in the organisation he/she works in.
  • Eligible with applying managerial and entrepreneurship skills in order to evaluate biotechnological policies related to sustainability and improvement of quality of life of the citizens.

Career Opportunities

  • Bio medical research
  • Pathology laboratories
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Bio analytical laboratories in government and private industry
  • Reproductive biology industries
  • Agricultural industries

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