Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence)

 (N/0613/6/0005) (08/27) (MQA/PA15773)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence) will offer solutions to issues encountered in the real world that call for the gathering and representation of knowledge, intelligence, and information within computerised processes, which serve as the foundation for artificially intelligent computer systems.


The Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence) programme offers courses which provides knowledge in development and use of advanced AI technology to address real-world issues relying on human intelligence. Additionally, the degree provides the basis for continuing professional development, preparing graduates for additional analysis, professional career in a field related to AI and computing, or even other fields where the scope of acquired skills and knowledge that are required or desired.

Program Aim

The programme Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence) will produce professionals who can be able to:

  • Produce knowledgeable and be technically competent in the field of Computer Science in line with Artificial Intelligence industry requirement locally and globally
  • Perform well as a team player, demonstrate good leadership qualities in an organization, and be effective in communication.
  • Solve problems related to the field of Computer Science creatively, innovatively, ethically, using numerical and technical skills, and through sustainable approach to solve Artificial Intelligence related problems.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning, as well using a broad range of information, media, and technology applications for successful career advancement.

Career Opportunities

Career prospects in artificial intelligence have increased recently because of rising industry demand. It makes sense that there will be a lot of jobs created by AI. Compared to other careers now available, an AI career appears to be the most promising. These are some of the occupations that this qualification can lead to:

  • Data Scientist
  • Intelligent Software Developer
  • AI Consultant
  • Knowledge Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Big Data Architect

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