Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Internet Technology and Cloud Computing)

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The objective of the curriculum of Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Internet Technology and Cloud Computing) is to give students a firm understanding of the idea and guiding principles of Internet engineering and cloud computing. The knowledge and abilities needed to plan, build, implement, manage, and maintain computer networking for the cloud and the Internet, as well as their security, will be provided to the students. Graduates of this program possess in-depth knowledge and abilities necessary for employment as professionals in the fields of computer networking, web development, mobile development, and IOT applications.

Program Aim

The programme Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Internet Technology and Cloud Computing) will produce professionals who can be able to:

  • Produce knowledgeable and be technically competent in the field of Information Technology in line with Internet and Cloud Computing industry requirement locally and globally
  • Perform well as a team player, demonstrate good leadership qualities in an organization, and be effective in communication.
  • Solve problems related to the field of Information Technology creatively, innovatively, ethically, using numerical and technical skills, and through sustainable approach to solve Internet and Cloud computing related problems.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning, as well using a broad range of information, media, and technology applications for successful career advancement.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Internet Technology and Cloud Computing) program can choose and implement software for big computer organisations, government agencies, software development firms, and commercial organisations. Careers that can be attained with this qualification include:

  • Web Developers
  • Multimedia Developers
  • Mobile Application Developers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Managers
  • IoT Developers

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