Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

(R/727/6/0020) (01/25) (MQA/FA 1107)

The Bachelor of Pharmacy program of Lincoln University College allows the students with the opportunity to acquire informative knowledge about the different aspects of design, development, discovery, testing as well as the helpful use of medicines and drugs. It also focuses on the aspect of distribution of drugs as well. Thus this program is aptly suited for individuals, who are willing to work in the health care sector as health care providers or as providers of pharmaceutical care.

Subject Highlights


Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1LBPH1113Anatomy & Physiology I3
2LBPH1122Dosage Form Design I2
3LBPH1142Scientific Basis of Therapeutics I – Introduction2
4LBPH1133Pharmaceutical Chemistry3
6MPU3113U1-TITAS (in BM)3
7MPU3123U1-Ethnic Relation3
8LBPH1213Anatomy & Physiology II3
9LBPH1222Scientific Basis of Therapeutics II – Peripheral Nervous System & Dermatology2
10LBPH1233Dosage Form Design II – Solid3
11LBPH1243Pharmaceutical Analysis I3
12LBPH1253Pharmacy Practice I3
13LBPH1262Elective: Veterinary Pharmacy2
14LBPH1272Elective: Financial Management2
15MPU3232U2-Leadership Skills and Human Relation2
16LBPH2372Medicinal Chemistry I2
17MPU3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
18LBPH2313Pharmaceutical Microbiology3
19LBPH2323Pharmaceutical Analysis II3
21LBPH2342Scientific Basis of Therapeutics III – Central Nervous System & Therapy2
22LBPH2353Dosage Form Design III – Liquid & Semi-Solid3
23LBPH2362Pharmacy Practice II2
24LBPH2412Dosage Form Design IV2
25LBPH2422Scientific Basis of Therapeutics IV – Endocrine, Gastrointestinal System & Therapy2
26LBPH2432Medicinal Chemistry II2
28LBPH2453Pharmaceutical Immunology3
29LBPH2462Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Pharmacogenomics3
30LBPH2473Pharmacy Practice III3
31MPU3452U4 Community Service2
32LBPH3513Biostatistics & Epidemiology3
33LBPH3522Scientific Basis of Therapeutics V –Respiratory, Haematological & Inflammatory Disorders & Therapy2
34LBPH3532Dosage Form Design V – Novel Drug Delivery System2
35LBPH3543Clinical Pharmacy I3
37LBPH3562Pharmacy Practice IV2
38LBPH3572Pharmacy Ethics & Legislations2
39LBPH3582Elective: Drugs & Substances of Abuse2
40LBPH3592Elective: Management Principles2
41LBPH3623Clinical Pharmacy III3
42LBPH3633Scientific Basis of Therapeutics VI – Antimicrobials & Antineoplastics3
43LBPH3613Clinical Pharmacy II – Pharmacokinetics3
44LBPH3643Extemporaneous Preparations3
45LBPH3653Community Pharmacy3
46LBPH3662Elective: Complementary Medicine2
47LBPH3672Elective: Pharmaceutical Marketing & Entrepreneurship2
48LBPH4712Research Methodology2
49LBPH4723Clinical Pharmacy IV3
50LBPH4732Scientific Basis of Therapeutics VII –Cardiovascular, Renal System & Therapy2
52LBPH4752Industrial Pharmacy & Quality Assurance3
53LBPH4762Evidence-based Pharmacotherapy2
54LBPH4772Public Health Pharmacy2
55LBPH4822Pharmacy Management2
57LBPH4842Industrial Pharmacy & Regulatory Control2
58LBPH4853Clinical Pharmacy V3
59LBPH4815Research Project5

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