BSc (Hons) in Nursing (Public Health)

KPT/JPS (PA 9441) 08/26
Our program, BSc (Hons) in Nursing (Public Health) is designed for nurses interested to gain a professional qualification in health visiting, occupational health nursing or school nursing. The program proposes registered nurses a prospect to enhance their knowledge and extend their skills to enhance health.

Subject Highlights

Maximum Duration : 48 Months.
Minimum Duration : 36-48 Months.

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1PHN 6101Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry4
2PHN 6102Parasitology, Microbiology &Immunology4
3PHN 6401Public Health Nursing3
4PHN 6201Communication and Counseling in PHN3
5PHN 6104Nutrition2

Elective (Choose any one module from the following):

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
6MPU 3113Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization3
7MPU 3163Malay Communication 33
8PHN 6103Pharmacology3
9PHN 6202Personal and Professional development2
10PHN 6203Sociology and Psychology in PHN3
11PHN 6204Ethics and law2
12MPU 3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
13MPU 3123Ethnic Relations3
14MPU 3173Malaysian Studies 33
15PHN 6105Anatomy & Physiology for Midwifery3
16PHN 6402Antepartum3
17PHN 6403Intrapartum4
18PHN 6404Postpartum2
19PHN 6501CP 1 – antepartum3
20PHN 6502CP 2 – intrapartum & postpartum3
21PHN 6405Obstetric Complication & Emergencies3
22PHN 6406Care of Newborn/ Neonatal3
23PHN 6407Pharmacology2
24PHN 6408Pediatric nursing3
25PHN 6503CP3 – Newborn & Pediatric3
26PHN 6409Primary Health Care3
27PHN 6410Maternal and Child Health3
28PHN 6411Reproductive Health3
29PHN 6412Adolescent Health2
30PHN 6413School Health2
31PHN 6301Research Methodology3
32PHN 6302Statistics3
33PHN 6414Epidemiology in Public Health3
34PHN 6415Clinical Practice 33
35PHN 6504CP4 – Primary Health Care2
36PHN 6505CP5 – Adolescent health2
37PHN 6506CP6– Reproductive health2
38PHN 6507CP7 – School health2
39PHN 6508CP8 – MCH2
40MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relation2
41PHN 6416Population in special groups (Vulnerable populations)3
42PHN 6417Environmental and Occupational health nursing3
43PHN 6418Gerontology Nursing2
44PHN 6419Leadership & Management in Public Health Nursing3
45PHN 6420Wellness & Health promotion3
46PHN 6303AResearch Project A3
47PHN 6421Contemporary Issues in Public Health Nursing2
48PHN 6303BResearch Project B3
49MPU 3452Community Service2
50PHN 6509CP9-Population in special groups/Vulnerable Population3
51PHN 6510CP10-Environmental and Occupational Health Nursing2
52PHN 6511CP11-Gerontology Nursing2
53PHN 6512CP12-Leadership & Management in Public Health Nursing2
54PHN 6513CP13-Wellness & health promotion2


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