CFBC HOLDING SDN BHD (CNS) E5 signed a contract with Lincoln University College, Malaysia, officially approved as a nail and beauty teaching centre

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At the signing ceremony on March 3, 2020, Dr. Amiya Bhowmik, Dean of the University of Lincoln and Weiwen and the media pointed out twice that the University of Lincoln, Malaysia (LUC) is fully recognized by the government, making KPT (Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi), MQR (Malaysian Qualification Register) Malaysia Accreditation Certification, the founders and administrators of the University of Lincoln, Malaysia are academicians, respectively in the fields of education, research and professional training and have many years of mathematics course such as quotient , Post-secondary teaching and language teaching experience, they are committed to developing the learning potential of students, helping students with academic research and employment.

She pointed out that one of the major contents of the next cooperative course is foot skin care, which will be discussed with the trainees. The content includes the reasons for the long leather under the feet, the pits under the feet, Peeling problems, foot odour problems, dry feet and mouth problems, sources of sandworm feet, sweating problems, differences between athlete’s foot, yellow corns and viruses and methods to provide the right remedies to achieve the best results and improve the nail beauty industry.

Since 11/2008, the Malaysian government has given a great importance to technological transformation and development and incorporated the “technical certification system” into the 11th Malaysian Plan. Both must hold Malaysian technical certifications in order to get employment. In this regard, CNS also acts as a bridge for docking. In the end, she looks forward to the next cooperation with Lincoln University and the participation of students. CNS hopes to assist nail beauty industry professionals to successfully complete the certification. After all, the Diploma and Technical Certification recognized by the government is a glorious thing.

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