Chinese and Malaysian enterprises cooperate to build a one-stop comprehensive service platform for China-ASEAN cross-border trade

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Chinese and Malaysian enterprises

On May 26th 2021, Sichuan Waizong Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sichuan Commercial Investment Group, and Malaysia ASEAN-China Global Trade Center held a network signing ceremony. As a result of this association both parties will provide blockchain technology, digital and financial services to Malaysian and ASEAN companies, establish a comprehensive service platform for China-ASEAN cross-border trade, promote the integration and development of cross-border trade, logistics and supply chains, and jointly promote the implementation of the “International Halal Certification Center” project in China.

The two sides signed a cooperation agreement and planned Implementation roadmap. Datuk Mustafa, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Malaysian Government, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Wu Ge, director of the Port Logistics Office of Sichuan Province was also present. Li Daxue, director of Beijing Ciyun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., expressed that he is looking forward to the full application of the latest digital technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence in this cooperation.

The combination of digital technology and trade, through the whole process of trade data, can increase mutual trust and information transparency, reduce transaction costs, and improve transaction efficiency. The combination of digital technology and trade finance can innovate trade financial products. The agreement also involves the joint development and expansion of target market projects, efforts to promote the application and promotion of existing technologies in the industry, and at the same time promote the internationalization of the technologies of both parties in the industry application process.

The agreement was signed between He Jianwei, the founder of ASEAN China Global Trade Center and chairman of the Belt and Road NGO Alliance, and Wang Xiaojun, chairman and general manager of Sichuan Waizong Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd. After the signing of the agreement, the representatives of the two sides also put forward specific ideas on how the agreement can be implemented quickly. They agreement will make marketing easier and fast and will help to contribute to the economic development of China, Malaysia and the ASEAN.

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