Diploma in Biotechnology

KPT/JPS (PA 8003)05/21

Biotechnology is a combination of biology and technology that uses cells and molecules to find solutions to human and environmental problems. The programme, Diploma in Biotechnology under the Faculty of Sciences provides a basic concept of biological molecules along with its application of cellular and biomolecular processes to solve systemic problems or make medicinal products.


The programme, Diploma in Biotechnology, provides a basic concept of biological molecules along with its application incellular and bio molecular processes to solve systemic problems or make medicinalproducts. It is a combination of biology and technology that uses cells andmolecules to find solutions for human and environmental problems. The courseteaches a wide range of skills that are invaluable for careers inlaboratory settings where they might help other workers in a variety ofdisciplines, such as pharmaceutical, medical research, governmental and legalissues. The programme is designed as a transformative program that offersstudents the education, training, and first-hand experience essential forsuccessful careers. It is a study of foundational knowledge, skill, andcompetence in relevance to various aspects of Biotechnology.However, by virtueof creativity, innovative thinking and research capabilities students findthemselves in conducive future workplace with the increasing demands ofbiotechnological industries.

Program Aim

The main objective of a Biotechnology Programme is to produce graduates who will have knowledge, technical skills, ethics and social responsibilities and attitude to adapt themselves with new technological advancement and challenges in Biotechnology.

Aims of Diploma in Biotechnology programme are:

  • To gain basic knowledge of Biotechnology and its application by using basic principles of chemistry, physics and mathematical
  • To provide necessary practical skills of variousunit operations, unit processes and instrumentation processes related tobiochemical, bio fertilizers, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • To cater students with bio safety skills in biotechnologyand create an awareness of bio hazards in accordance to occupational safetyissues.
  • To accumulate laboratory data to assist thesupervisor for proper interpretation of scientific analysis of biotechnologicallaboratories and related industries.
  • To develop good interpersonal skills in order tohave effective communication and business ethics.

Career Opportunities

The Diploma in Biotechnology program is unique in providingprofessionals, qualified in biotechnological skills, appropriate to relatedindustries in Malaysia and overseas. They will procure jobs as marketingpersonnel in companies dealing with laboratory equipment and consumable supplythat support the biomedical science industry all together.

Professionals of Diploma in Biotechnology can work as a:

  • Clinical laboratory technician
  • Forensic science or biological technician
  • Biological product manufacturer and supplier
  • Environmental or food safety technician
  • Pharmaceutical research technician
  • Agriculture and Crop management
  • Bioinformatics Sector

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