Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 (N-DL/523/4/0312) (09/24) (MQA/PA 10842)

The program Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with with the use and design of electrical devices that have become an indispensable part of our lives. This program provides the students with knowledge of understanding basics concepts related to Electrical and Electronic.


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The field of Electrical and Electronics is a field of study within the realm of Science and Technology that deals with the use and design of electrical devices that have become an indispensable part of our life. We depend on a diverse range of appliances and gadgets for our day-to-day activities, such as mobile devices, personal computers, laptops and others as well. Electronic devices make life comfortable and convenient. Electronics also play a crucial role in commercial and industrial fields and thus it is undeniably a challenging and rewarding field to explore.

Program Aim

The Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronics Technology offers a 30-month Diploma programme in Electrical and Electronics Technology to help the students to acquire technical aptitude and skills required for the fields of electrical & electronics. The programme provides well-balanced courses in electrical, electronics and computer hardware technology and provides expert training in electrical installation.

Career Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities are available for students soon after successful completion of Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. They can be employed as technicians in various electrical and electronics industry in Malaysia.

  • Tenaga National – Maintenance Technician
  • Rapid Transportation Malaysia- Maintenance Technician
  • Telekom Malaysia- Technician
  • Malaysia Airports Authority- Electrical /Maintenance Technician
  • Air-con Manufacturer Industries- Maintenance and Installation Technician
  • General Electric Malaysia- Technician
  • Other MNC and Government Organizations in Malaysia Technician and Troubleshooting roles

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