Diploma in Nursing

KPT/JPS(FA 3689)09/26

Diploma in Nursing is a three years program. It is primarily intended for those, who are willing to embrace a profession, which is self-gratifying and humanistic. To meet the ever increasing demand of health care, the course has been designed to endow the graduates with the adequate knowledge and skills, which will enable them to function effectively as a Registered Nurse and as a member of the health care team, locally or globally.

Subject Highlights

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1NURM 4114Basic Medical Science (Anatomy Physiology)4
2NURS 4114Fundamental of Nursing4
3NURB 4112Communication and Counseling3
4NURB 4123Psychology and Sociology2
5NURP 4114Clinical Practice 14
6NURS 4212Introduction to Medical and Surgical2
7NURM 4212Pharmacology2
8NURM 4222Biochemistry, Immunology Microbiology & Parasitology2
9NURS 4224Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 1 (Respiratory, Cardiovascular)4
10NURE 4212English2
11NURP 4214Clinical Practice 24
12NURS 4314Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 2 (Gastrointestinal and Endocrine)3
13NURS 4324Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 3 (Muscular Skeletal & Neurovascular4
14NURS 4333Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 4 (Hemopoetic & Oncology)3
15MPU 2113MPU (Malaysian Studies)3
16NURP 4315Clinical Practice 35
17NURS 4024Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing3
18NURS 4034Pediatric Nursing2
19NURS 4054Community Nursing3
20NURE 4413Learning Skills3
21MPU 2222MPU (Creative Problem Solving)2
22NURP 4414Clinical Practice 45
23NURS 4513Mental Health3
24NURS 4524Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 5 VII (ENT, Eye, Ear, Integumentary System)4
25NURS 4533Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 6 (Renal and Genito-Urinary System)3
26MPU 2334MPU (Constitution and Society)2
27NURP 4514Clinical Practice 54
28NURS 4614Medical Surgical Nursing Sciences 7 Critical Care, Emergency Care and Preoperative4
29NURS 4623Management and Administration Nursing3
30NURB 4613Personal and Professional Development, Ethic and Law2
31MPU 2442MPU (Community Service)2
32NURP 4614Clinical Practice 64
Nursing Core Sciences 90+9+5
Total Credits for the whole program104

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