Doctor of Medicine (MD)

(R2/721/6/0006) (09/28) (MQA/FA 0927)

Lincoln University College’s Doctor of Medicine programme is a five-year course that will equip and train students as health care professionals in medicine. This is to meet the needs and improve the health care delivery system for the people they serve, by striving for professional excellence throughout their career in this constantly changing world.


The Doctor of Medicine program, will cover a total of five years and it comprises of 2 phases i.e a 2 year basic medical science phase followed by a 3 year clinical phase. Each year will comprise 2 semesters, each of 20 weeks teaching and learning duration. Clinicians will participate in teaching activities in the second year to provide clinical orientation and interpretation. Inclusion of basic science lectures during the 3 clinical years will provide the necessary vertical integration between basic medical science and clinical teaching and learning process.

The first 2 years of basic medical science is being conducted in the Petaling Jaya campus while the clinical phase will be carried out in the hospitals and clinics situated in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

At the end of the MD programme, graduates will acquire the required knowledge, develop essential clinical competencies and imbibe the right professional attitudes as well as values, which will help them to work as effective primary care physicians.

Duties of medical doctors include, examination of patients, diagnosis, prescribing of medicines, minor operations and treating injuries, diseases as well as other ailments. It further includes activities related to community development, thus acting as a role model.

Lincoln University College, Faculty of Medicine has been listed under the World Directory of Medical Schools . “The World Directory of Medical Schools has been developed through a partnership between the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).”

Program Aim

5 years of MD programme will help the graduates to acquire knowledge about the aspects related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as injuries and also enable them to work dedicatedly towards the well- being of the community. Thorough knowledge of diseases as well as of their symptoms is required for proper diagnosis and treatment. Medical doctors initially compile a clinical history of the patients before making a diagnosis. As far as examinations are concerned, graduates are required to form an image of the disease or injury with the help of several techniques and apparatus.

Career Opportunities

A specialized knowledge in one aspect of general medicine may be acquired for further career development:

  1. Surgeon- surgery (performing surgeries)
  2. Pediatrician (children’s ailments)
  3. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (women’s health)
  4. Pathologist (abnormalities of cells)
  5. Other specialized areas

Medical doctors can work in hospitals, clinics, state departments and tertiary institutions such as universities as a lecturer/professor. Other career options include, research centres, sports centres/sports organizations and laboratories.

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