Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry at Lincoln University College is the premier dental school in the world and the only institution that provides undergraduate and postgraduate dental degrees. The Faculty of Dentistry is a professional body committed to enabling dental surgeons to accomplish and maintain excellence in procedure and patient care.

The Faculty delivers education, recognition of programmes and quality confidence through assessment of postgraduate dental professionals internationally. It also provides lecture-based and hands-on courses for dentists wishing to update their knowledge and aggressively pursue additional postgraduate qualifications. The commitment of the faculty, staff and alumni has helped certify the continuing quality and prestige of the Faculty of Dentistry.



The undergraduate program of dentistry with Lincoln University College is cutting-edge and evolving all the time, representing the insights of our brilliant professors and their vision for educating tomorrow’s oral health care leaders. The curriculum emphasizes the scientific, academic, interpersonal communication, and practice management skills that graduates would need in a rapidly evolving field. The program is intended to produce professional general dentists who are ethical, compassionate, loving, experienced, and trained. We are currently offering the following program through this faculty:


Postgraduate Programme

This faculty’s postgraduate program at Lincoln University College is designed to prepare dentists for positions of leadership in education, science, and program administration that complement their clinical expertise. The program’s mission is to develop dentists with comprehensive experience, qualifications, and high-level skills. By learning and researching clinical practice or dental public health, including studies to build information that will help people, students should be able to apply their knowledge to treat patients with advanced technology. These skills and expertise must be focused on professional integrity and a code of ethics. Presently, this faculty is offering the following program with great success:

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Up to 80% Scholarships are provided for outstanding local and international students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity and strong character.


Flexible Study Mode

LUC is utilizing technology for conducting flexible study mode for its students which help them pursue their studies beside their other interests.


Instalment plans

LUC has made it easier for students to pursue their dreams and empower them to be able to compete in the job market by providing a wide range of instalment plans that help them pay their tuition fees on batches.

Scholarship Programs

At Lincoln University College (LUC), we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts, and gain real-world experience.