Foreign Collaboration

Lincoln University College, Malaysia is interested to academically collaborate with all the eligible Indian Universities as per the provisions of the University Grants Commission (Academic Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions) to offer Twinning, Joint Degree and Dual Degree Programmes based on Regulation, 2022 (

Lincoln University College
We have:Eligibility Criteria for Indian Institutions for International Collaboration:
  • 5 Star Ranking (Setara 5) by Ministry of Education, Government of Malaysia 2017 & 2019
  • 35th in Quality Education as per THE (Times Higher Education) Impact Ranking 2021
  • “The World University Rankings “201–300thas per Impact Rankings in 2022
  • Institutions will be eligible if they are listed in top 1,000 of the QS or THE world university rankings.


  • UGC recognised Organization with NAAC score of 3.01

 “Twinning Programme”  shall  be  a  collaborative  arrangement  whereby  students enrolled  with  an  Indian  Higher  Educational  Institution  may  undertake  their programme of study partly in India, complying with relevant UGC  Regulations, and partly in the Foreign Higher Educational Institution. 

Under twinning programme, credits earned by the students  at  a  Foreign  Higher Educational  Institution  shall  be  counted  towards  the  degree  awarded  by  the  Indian Higher Educational Institution. However, credits earned by the student from the Foreign Higher Educational Institution shall not exceed 30 per  cent  of the  total  credits  for  the programme.

For  a  “Joint  Degree  programme”,  the  curriculum  shall  be  designed  jointly  by  the collaborating Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions and, upon completion of the programme,  the Degree is awarded  by the Indian  Higher Educational Institution and the collaborating Foreign Higher Educational Institution with a single Certificate.

The students must earn  at least  30 per cent of the total credits from each of the Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions. Credits to be earned by the Indian students from  the  foreign  institution  and  credits  earned  by  the  foreign  students  from  Indian institutions shall be obtained through conventional mode.

“Dual  Degree  Programme”  shall  be  a  programme  jointly  designed  and  offered  by  the Indian and Foreign Higher Educational Institutions in the same disciplines/subject areas and in the same level. The degrees for such programme shall be conferred by the Indian and  Foreign  Higher  Educational  Institutions,  separately  and  simultaneously,  upon completion of degree requirements of both the institutions. This shall not in any way be construed as two degree programmes in separate disciplines/subject areas and/or levels being pursued simultaneously.

The  students  must  earn  at  least  30  percent  of  total  credits  from  the  Indian  institution. Credits  to  be  earned  by  the  Indian  students  from  the  foreign  institution  and  credits earned  by  the  foreign  students  from  Indian  institutions  shall  be  obtained  through conventional mode.

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