LUC Health Screening and Promotion at Besut

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LUC Health Screening and Promotion at Besut

On the 14th July 2017, Lincoln University College team up with a NGO (Pertubuhan Kami Peduli BESUT (We care Organization)) and was on the ground doing community work such as health screening and health promotion campaign. LUC KB Clinical Campus staff who participated in this event are:

1) Prof. Datuk Dr. Marzukhi (Dean of Medical Faculty)
2) Prof. Dr. Ahmad (Dean of Pharmacy Faculty)
3) Datuk Dr. Ghazali (LUC KB Clinical Campus)
4) Datuk Kamaruzzaman (LUC KB Clinical Campus)
5) Tn. Hj. Syed Mohd Nor (Senior Registrar, LUC KB Clinical Campus)
6) Dr. Wan Asim (LUC KB Clinical Campus)
7) Dr. Nik Arsyad (LUC KB Clinical Campus)
8) Mr. Zury Azreen (LUC KB Clinical Campus)
9) Mr. Subramaniam (LUC KB Clinical Campus)

Besides the above, 25 medical students from the LUC KB Clinical campus was also present to show their support and volunteerism and also with together the Marketing team.

Both the organisation had set up a booth right in the middle of Besut in the morning market. The team had been there since 8am and this community work carried out till noon. The health screening and promotion is really a good community service done as the team could see many peoples of various background pouring in to have a basic health screening and consultation advice by Medical Specialist. Amongst the service done was:
1) Registration of interested individuals
2) Basic interviewing and history taking
3) Weight measurement
4) Blood pressure measurement
5) Glucose measurement
6) Consultation by Medical Specialist
7) Health promotion

Students had played an important role in this program as they were promoting healthy lifestyle and also LUC in general for the student intakes. The Marketing team was also there to support this with its brochure and flyers of the LUC programs available.

In the end of the health screening program, more then 90 individuals had participated in this health screening and this is the first time both the organisation are doing this humanitarian work. There will surely be more participants in the near future as both the organisation have agreed to do this activity again and on a regular basis.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to thank all those individual involve in this program as well and we would also like to extend this invitation to all LUC members to participate in this event in the near future.

To end this write up…I remember once our beloved CEO sending a message to staff… “If you walk alone, you will travel a distance. If we walk together, we will travel even further”…and to greater heights and achievement.

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