Master of Science in Applied Geology

KPT/JPS(PA 8791)03/23

The M.Sc. Applied Geology under Faculty of Science is a well-balanced program designed to impart knowledge in Geology along with specialization in mining geology, structural geology, engineering geology, paleo bio geology, sedimentology, hydro geology and mineralogy.


The programme of Master of Science in Applied Geology will produce Geologists who are able to :

  • Describe the importance of theories and concepts of applied geology to work successfully by applying practical skills.
  • Design projects taking into consideration factors like ethical situation, social and organizational values for application of a broad range of geology concepts in education, business, professional services and government sectors.
  • Identify technology critically and scientifically, to develop managerial skills about wider issues in construction organization for acquiring leadership roles to keep up with evolving technology.
  • Utilize expertise of applied geology for problem-based learning for enhancing lifelong learning skills in keeping abreast of the developments in the industry by satisfying ever more demanding safety, sustainability and technological criteria.

Program Aim

The M.Sc. in Applied Geology,Faculty of Science is designed to provide the students, academic and technicalskills in broad areas to enable them to find their niche in, government sector,public advocacy, legislation, academics, and manufacturing. Students alsopursue further study such as PhD and work in education sector. Jobs related tothis degree include:

  • Engineering geologist
  • Geochemist
  • Geophysicist/field seismologist
  • Geoscientist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Mudlogger
  • Wellsite geologist
  • Drilling engineer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Minerals surveyor
  • Sustainability consultant

Career Opportunities

  1. Research Project Manager
  2. Researcher
  3. Teaching Assistant

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