Master of Science in Microbiology

KPT/JPS(PA 5707)07/22
Microbiology is a rapidly growing science and the diversity of microorganisms seems enormous. Master of Science in Microbiology is designed to strengthen the scientific knowledge of life, growth of microorganisms and their interaction with environment that aim to solve a range of problems affecting human health, the environment, climate and food and agriculture.

Subject Highlights

Full Time : 18 Months.
Part Time : 30 Months.

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1MMB 1114Microbial Biochemistry4
2LMS 124Genetics and Molecular Biology4
3MMB 1124Microbial Physiology4
4LMS 144Bio-Informatics & Biostatistics4
5MMB 1214Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy4
6MMB 1224Microbial Techniques4
7LMS 224Enzyme Technology4
8LMS 244Immunology4
9DRC414Research Methodology4
Elective courses: Choose any one elective course from the 5 groups offered
Elective One: Medical Microbiology
10MMBM 1313Medical Bacteriology and Virology3
11MMBM 1323Medical Mycology and Parasitology3
12MMBM 1333Medical Epidemiology3
Elective Two: Environmental Microbiology
13MMBE 1313Air and Aquatic Microbiology3
14MMBE 1323Waste Treatment3
15MMBE 1333Agro Ecosystems3
Elective Three: Industrial Microbiology
16MMBI 1313Industrial Microbes3
17MMBI 1323Large-scale Cultivation3
18MMBI 1333Commercialization3
Elective four: Pharmaceutical Microbiology
19MMBP 1313Antibiotics and Synthetic Antimicrobial Agentss3
20MMBP 1323Microbial Production and Spoilage of pharmaceutical Products3
21MMBP 1333Quality Assurance and Validation3
Elective five: Food and Dairy Microbiology
22MMBF 1313Microbiology of food and food products3
23MMBF 1323Food fermentation and Food borne diseases3
24MMBF 1333Dairy Microbiology3
25MMB 2218Research Project / Industrial Training8

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