Master of Science in Public Health ( By Research)

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The Master of Science in Public Health program offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing fundamental principles and practical applications in the realm of public health.


The Master of Science in Public Health program offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing fundamental principles and practical applications in the realm of public health. This program is designed to equip students with a profound understanding of health enhancement, health protection, epidemiology and statistics, research methodologies, health economics, ethical considerations, and healthcare services. Emphasizing a research-oriented approach, the Master of Science in Public Health program is tailored for individuals seeking to prepare for advanced doctoral studies or to pursue technical and research-oriented roles within both public and private sectors. The curriculum not only covers the core subjects featured in the Master of Public Health program but also places a special emphasis on the acquisition of advanced research skills, as well as the development of proficiency in quantitative and computational analysis techniques. This program empowers students with the knowledge and tools necessary to engage deeply in the field of public health, contributing effectively to both academic and real-world settings.

Program Aim

The Master of Science in Public Health is an academic research degree program created for students who wish to prepare for future careers in public health. Graduates should be able to demonstrate the ability to gather and synthesize pertinent information, define public policy issues and produce workable solutions, interpret and apply health law, regulation, and other policies, articulate clinical, financial, administrative, legal, social, and political perspectives on health policy, use quantitative and qualitative methods, and use a variety of analytical tools. After the successful completion the aspirants of the course will be able to:

  • Incorporate in-depth relevant knowledge, formulate problems, and conduct them effectively through critical thinking skills in public health science.
  • Adopt practical measures with interpersonal accuracy through effective communication within the public health team.
  • Acquire the digital and numerical skills in managing scientific solutions to complex problems in a public health setting.
  • Effectively utilize leadership, autonomy, and responsive skills to personally undergo entrepreneurial work in the public health science system.
  • Empower integrity through professionalism and ethics in public healthcare-related tasks.

Career Opportunities

The goal of training is to improve a person’s capacity to create public health policies. By applying several theoretical models of policy development (deductively and inductively) and learning how to dissect a specific policy, students will gain the ability to build workable public health policy alternatives. The opportunities in this field are:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Public Health Educator
  • Epidemiologists

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