Medic Eco Fair ( MEF) 2024

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The closing ceremony of Medic Eco Fair ( MEF) 2024 was officially initiated by Prof. Datuk Dr. Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah on 17th May 2024. During the second week of the MEF 2024, students engaged in a diverse range of activities centered on acquiring necessary knowledge and abilities. Highlights included a series of inspirational speeches from well-known speakers. These speeches were insightful and inspiring, emphasizing the value of endurance, creativity, and dedication in professional and personal development.

In addition to the motivational talks, the week featured a skill lab on CPR and choking, where participants received hands-on training in life-saving techniques. This practical training is designed to enhance their emergency response skills, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared to handle urgent situations. In addition to the skill lab, a debate session was conducted which cultivated critical thinking and public speaking abilities, prompting participants to express and justify their perspectives effectively.

The week featured a variety of sports events, including badminton, futsal, and dodgeball, which fostered physical fitness and teamwork among the participants. The program concluded with a closing ceremony where gifts and certificates were distributed, acknowledging the participants’ dedication and accomplishments.

Public Speaking
Motivational Talk
Speaker 1: Mr Mohd Fudzail Mohd Nor (Perdana Malaysia Literary Prize winner)
Speaker 2: Prof Dr. Saw Aik (Universiti Malaya)
Speaker 3: Datin Dr Hasliza Abu Hassan (UPNM)
Skill Lab: CPR & Choking
10,000 steps
Closing ceremony of MEF 2024 by Prof. Datuk Dr. Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah
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