Participation of Biotechnology students and staffs in Zoo Negara Volunteer Program

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Lincoln University College, Department of Biotechnology faculty members Ts. Dr. Asita Elengoe (Head of Biotechnology Department), Mrs. Hema Priyaa (Lecturer-in-charge), Dr. Tan Chun Hoe, Dr. Idris Adewale Ahmed along with students of Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons) and Master of Science in Biotechnology had involved in volunteer program at Zoo Negara, Ampang, Selangor on 13th March 2023 from 8 am until 5 pm. They were assigned to help at the Aquarium, Bird’s Park and Child’s World areas. The students got exposure to the preparation of the food for the animals, feeding the animals such as fish, penguin, giraffe, cleaning the animal’s house, etc.

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