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Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality Management KPT/JPS (PA 11244) 08/26

The Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality Management program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia (LUC) is designed to be one of the strongest research-based programs in the world. The program, which includes a strong element of statistics and research design, prepares students for careers in major research universities or research-based agencies. Upon graduation, students are expected to have a curriculum vitae which includes teaching experience, publishing experience in research journals, and a record of presentations to industry and research societies. From uncovering the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism to investigating theories and models of services marketing and management, students use their time to make powerful connections between ideas and contribute scholarly research.

The program gives students the time and resources to delve into the Tourism and Hospitality industry, to engage in rigorous research, and to publish their findings. The program also lends itself to fascinating and revealing research about society, the economy and the marketplace. The students can study any area of interest that applies to hospitality and tourism and gain real-world teaching experience that allows them to excel in university teaching in their areas of interest. The program also develops strong research skills that enable graduates to conduct and publish scholarly research with competence and confidence.

Students desirous of making a career in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management and want to do some form of research in this field are well suited to this course.
After completion of this course the students are expected to find jobs and work as:
1. Manager
2. Research Analyst
3. Research Consultant

Full Time Duration: 36 Months
Part Time Duration: 48 Months

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 PHDTHM101 Research Methodology 3
2 PHDTHM102 Computer Applications 3
3 PHDTH103 PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management Research Work NA

Intake :

Ongoing Limited Seats Available

Entry Requirements :

  1. Meet the minimum requirements of the MQA Program Standard / professional body requirements / recommendations for student recruitment during that period; or
  2. Other qualifications recognized by the Government.

Any changes to the Program Standard / MQA professional requirements / recommendations will apply to new cohort students only.

Implementation of the eligibility requirements in accordance with the MQA Professional Program / Professional Body Requirements / Recommendations is applicable in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Malaysian Qualifications Agency circular (MQA) when enforcing the application of an MQA Professional Program / Professional Body Requirements / Recommendations.

Duration : 36 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Ph.D.