Postgraduate Diploma in Education

(N/0113/7/0004) (11/27) (MQA/PA16096)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education is created to aid students in growing their knowledge, skills, personality traits, and philosophical perspectives that will enable them to successfully fulfil their jobs as teachers.


The objectives of the program include giving participants the chance to sharpen their professional skills and consider important educational topics critically. The participants in this program will stand out for their capacity to critically apply theory and research and comprehend the intricate nuances of contemporary educational concerns, practices, and/or policies in specific situations. They will discuss research, demonstrate skills for analysis, synthesis, and critical assessment of teaching and learning, and reflect on the study. People will acquire advanced knowledge and abilities for a range of educational contexts.

Program Aim

The program Postgraduate Diploma in Education will produce professionals who are:

  • Knowledgeable and efficient graduates in solving teaching and learning related problems using cognitive skills to provide quality teaching.
  • Capable of adopting practical solutions with teaching practices through effective communication and collaboration with team members to achieve highest standard performance.
  • Develops graduates’ digital skills and numerical data which integrates with 21st Century of teaching and learning.
  • Competent to apply the values, ethics, and morality and proper level of leadership, autonomy, and responsibility skill in teaching related institutions and in related professional development field.
  • Demonstrate successfully and innovatively personal and entrepreneurship skills while planning, developing, and carrying out different educational projects in the field of specialization as well as bridging the gap between industrial needs and academia.

Career Opportunities

The goal of the course is to give general graduates who want to pursue teaching as a career the opportunity to do so and to receive professional training in the field. Students’ academic courses prepare them for a range of employment prospects, such as:

  • Certified Teacher
  • Educational Manager
  • Head Of Educational Department
  • Educational Programme Coordinator
  • Curriculum And Syllabus Designer
  • Industry Supervisor

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