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On the 12th of Oct 2014 (Sunday), LUC participated in the above event which was held at Central Park, Bandar Botanic Klang. The event started at 7.00 am and ended around 11 am. This was organized in conjunction with the World Mental Health Day. About 1,000 people from Klang participated in the event. Our students and lecturer from Physiotherapy Faculty participated in the event too. They were given the opportunity to demonstrate some basic physical exercise to the participants. Our Marketing team also participated by having our LUC booth and distributed our flyers.

The highlight of the event and talk of the event was the winning of the grand prize a 60″ color TV by our student Ms. Nandini and also a consolation prize by another student. Since they had earlier participated in the demonstration everybody knew it was LUC.

The students were very energetic, participated in the event well and were of high spirits especially after winning the prize. They pledged to participate in more such events in the future.

Marketing & Promotional team would like to record our thanks to the Management, Transportation Team Mr. Vasu and the Faculty Head of Physiotherapy and the students for all their support and assistance. Of course not forgetting my staff too.

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