The campaign on awareness about cavity and oral health among the young

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The campaign was jointly organized by Colgate and The Alliance. The volunteers from ACFF Youth Club was consisted of LUC students from the faculty of Dentistry of Lincoln University College, Malaysia. The LUC students demonstrated the right way to brush teeth at the event launched by Education Ministry’s sports, co-curricular and arts division deputy director Razuki Abdul Rahim.

ACFF-Malaysia Chapter chairman Professor Dr. Rahimah Abdul Kadir ( Dean Faculty of Dentistry, LUC, Malaysia) revealed that seven out of 10 children in Malaysia suffered from dental caries while eight out of 25 milk teeth in children aged five and younger already had cavities. Prof Dr. Rahimah said that ‘’We want to help individuals to start taking control of their oral health, to prevent the risk of dental caries and consequently having cavities”.

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