Update by University of Mumbai Professor Online over 100 participated: Expert Guidance in Lectures

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Update by University of Mumbai Professor Online over 100 participated Expert Guidance in Lectures

Kalyan: Currently, during the lockdown, the Mumbai University College Teachers’ Association has started online Dattopant Thengadi lecture to update the professors.  Nearly 3 professors are taking advantage of it online.  In this lecture, guidance is given on topics like research, librarianship.  Subhash Athavale, the General Secretary of the Teachers’ Union said, ‘Teachers’ team has been solving the problems of professors since 2007.  The lockdown came into force on March 24, when the idea of   starting a Dattopant Thengani lecture for the updating of the professors came forward.  The lecture started online from April 4th.

The Secretary said that the Department of Distance Education is run by the University of Mumbai.  The benefit of this lockdown is that citizens are now turning to online.  This has to be a good thing.  For this, 3 professors registered them.  The Zoom app can accommodate up to 100 persons for the first time.  Subsequently, the Knowledge Company of Perth contacted the team and guaranteed to reach the maximum number of professors at one time. Two professors from the second lecture participated online through the help of the company.  Two researchers from Australia would like to attend this lecture.

Their time will be decided by doing a group conversation in them. Mandar Bhanusay will be speaking to the professors on’ Online Education ‘on April 18.  He will emphasize how the Centre can get funding for online education and research.  On 22nd April, Dr. of Drug Literacy Dr. Manjari Gharat, and Dr.  Nandkumar Dahibhate are going to talk about ‘Intellectual Property’ on April 26.  So far in this lecture, Prof. Ismail Yusuf and Dr. Arvind Lohar from Pune University, Rajendra Kumbhar, informed about which websites are useful for research. Dr. Amiya Bhowmik,  Vice Chancellor of the Lincoln University, Malaysia has given an informative lecture on how teachers are the source of entrepreneurship.

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