International Internship Program by Lincoln University College, Malaysia

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The recent International Internship Program by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Lincoln University College (LUC), Malaysia has garnered widespread recognition as it congratulates the accomplished pharmacy students from Sandip University, India for the successful completion of their intensive and rigorous four-week experiential internship.

The program, meticulously orchestrated by the Faculty of Pharmacy, LUC has proven to be a transformative experience for the dynamic young minds. The carefully crafted 28-day International Internship Program, meticulously designed by the Faculty of Pharmacy team, LUC has left an indelible mark on the participating students.

Lincoln University College extends a warm invitation to a diverse audience, including corporations, universities, institutions, colleges, schools, and ambitious students and professionals across India, to explore and capitalize on the specialized international internship programs. This initiative promises to unlock new avenues of learning and growth, fostering invaluable cross-cultural experiences.

In a remarkable display of expertise and dedication, Dr. Sandhya Borse, a respected faculty member at Sandip University, India was honoured by Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahimi Mustapha, Lincoln University College with an Appreciation Certificate.

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