Vision & Mission

The Lincoln University College mission drives our focus on quality education for individual development and it’s vital foundation.

Lincoln University College (LUC), located at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia was established in the year 2002 as Lincoln College (LC) and later upgraded to Lincoln University College in the year 2011.

To be an acclaimed institution of higher learning that provides world class education with high capability in providing knowledgeable and skillful professional to serve the global society.

The mission of Lincoln University College is to become a truly global university with risk-based approach that enhances lifelong learning opportunities, practical and scientific skills, social values, leadership and entrepreneurship by harnessing information technology along with artificial intelligence to create a noble human society.

Lincoln University College is highly committed to excellence and continual improvement of academic programmes including commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and to provide services to fulfill the needs of our clients.

In pursuing the mission, LUC will:

  • Enhance teaching, research and academic-related service activities by establishing outstanding faculty and recruiting potential staff.
  • Embrace the multicultural diversity by instilling humanity values, attitudes and professionalism through an effective communication, leadership, team and problem solving skills.
  • Ensure LUC’s learning environment is conducive to students’ satisfaction.
  • Initiate a platform for lifelong learning through continuous academic development to the global community.
  • Prepares holistic graduates with managerial and entrepreneurship skills for career opportunity in a highly competitive, technologically advanced and rapidly changing world.