Proud Alumni : Celebrating the Success of a Women Entrepreneur! “Best Woman Entrepreneur and Honor Award 2023”

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We are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of our esteemed alumna, Ms. Tonmoy Tonu, who has been featured and commended by Deshbarta24news in Bangladesh!
From starting with a humble investment of ৳65 to now achieving sales exceeding ৳60,000+, Ms. Tonu’s story is truly inspiring. She has emerged as a successful woman entrepreneur in Tangail, proving that determination and passion can turn dreams into reality.
Ms. Tonmoy Tonu  aspires to create a super brand with her own products and is dedicated to establishing more opportunities for women in the workforce. Her recognition as the “Best Woman Entrepreneur and Honor Award 2023” in Tangail is well-deserved!
Join us in congratulating Ms. Tonmay Tonu on this outstanding achievement!  We are incredibly proud to have her as an alumna of our Faculty of Computer Science and Multimedia,Lincoln University College Her success reflects the spirit of excellence we strive for in our students.
Let’s continue to celebrate and support the accomplishments of our talented alumni.

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