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PETALING JAYA – In the efforts to provide a healthy boost to students’ self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction, Lincoln University College students joined a volunteerism program. 22 students and five academic staff from various programs under the Faculty of Social Science, Arts, And Humanities (FSSAH) joined the volunteer program to have a better understanding of volunteerism and at the same time, they can learn new skills, gain experience, and even qualifications. Volunteerism is very important to students in order to feel connected to those they are helping in the community.

The program is an annual program held by Institut Onn Jaafar (IOJ). The program’s main objective is to provide free breakfast for the underprivileged, disabled children, and homeless people around KL Valley, Petaling Jaya & Penang. Each session will be hosted by different public and private universities or colleges in and around Klang Valley. This time, we had the opportunity to hold a volunteer program at one of the spastic schools located at Petaling Jaya known as the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory. It is an honor for our faculty to collaborate with Jaafar Institute this year to make the program a success.

Throughout the program, the students were very excited and enjoyed serving the students from the spastic school. They are divided into several small groups and each of them has to help the spastic students to do activities in the class. All the students agreed that carrying out activities with children with special needs was quite challenging considering that this was the first time they volunteered at the school.

However, they feel that a program like this to some extent gives them the awareness that every human being should be given the best and deserved treatment even though they are special. In addition to that, this activity to some extent produces students who are active and able to communicate with the community.

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