LUC students given exposure on anti-corruption and integrity

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PUTRAJAYA, 24 July – In the fight against corruption and emphasis on integrity and professionalism, Lincoln University College students attended an academic visit to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).  60 students and ten academic staff from various programs joined the visit to have a better understanding on what constitute of corruption and the importance of upholding the value of integrity, transparency and professionalism.

The visit was organized by the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities to inculcate the awareness about corruption, to enhance the students’ knowledge, providing insights and hands on experience on the roles and responsibilities of the MACC as enshrined in the MACC Act 2009 and to realize the establishment of LUC Anti-Corruption Students’ Club.

Students were enthusiastic, inquired many important and relevant issues related to the Commission and some even expressed their interest to be part of the enforcement officers of the MACC.

A booth was also set up in the lobby area which had attracted many of the MACC officers as well as visitors who happened to be there for another program.  Information about LUC and the programs offered were displayed and distributed.

Subsequently, the Faculty has announced after the visit that an essay competition is going to be conducted to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day, which falls on 9 December.  Open to all students and staff members, it is encouraged to write on corruption and the vicious impact it has to the society and our future generations. Hoping the anti-corruption students’ club, “LUC-MACC AMAR” (AngkatanMahasiswa Anti Rasuah) will be established prior to the event as more activities can be organized with the support from the MACC.

Next in the pipeline, the Faculty is working towards more strategic partnerships with the MACC, including arranging a courtesy call on the newly appointed Chief Commissioner of the MACC.

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