Tech Talk on Artificial Intelligence for Business

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The recent Tech Talk on Artificial Intelligence for Business, featuring the expertise of Prof. Dr. Bhuvan Unhelkar, University of South Florida, USA, was organized by the Faculty of Computer Science and Multimedia, Lincoln University College, Malaysia on December 5, 2023. It provided a platform for insightful discussions in the business landscape.

Event Highlights: Prof. Dr. Bhuvan Unhelkar led a thought-provoking session delving into the cutting-edge applications of AI in the business landscape. The event not only facilitated engaging discussions with our special guests but also showcased real-world examples and case studies, providing invaluable insights for both the academic and student community.

Gratitude and Appreciation: We extend our heartfelt thanks to Prof. Dr. Bhuvan Unhelkar for sharing his wealth of knowledge. Special gratitude to our President, Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, Pro-Chancellor Prof. Datuk Dr. Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Prof. Datin Dr. Hafizah Che Hassan for their presence and contribution to this enriching experience.

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