Bachelor in Fashion Design Management (Honours)

(N/214/6/0224) (11/28) (MQA/PA15042)

Fashion designing is one of the most well-paid, attractive, glamorous and exhilarating career options in the present scenario. The Graduates of this college are professionally qualied designers capable of fullling a broad range of career opportunities in fashion and related industries. This particular programme unites superior design concepts along with present technology in order to generate creative and innovative, individual samples for haute couture or industrial production.


The course is planned for students who are highly engrossed in business, business numeracy and quantitative skills and management within the perspective of the fashion industry. This means that they will not only be familiar with all that there is to know about the world of business in relation to fashion and retailing, but will also enlarge a strong grab of several other relevant areas such as accounting, finance, economics and operations. The course will furnish the students with the relevant professional, academic, communication and business skills to tackle these challenges and exploit any opportunities. As part of the course BSc (Hons) Fashion Design Management students will build up the necessary skills to manipulate data and to evaluate, estimate and represent a range of business problems, functions and phenomena. Courses in a fashion management and marketing degree program focus on business strategies, principles of management, visual merchandising, and aspects of the fashion industry. The course concentrates on the translation of trends into commercially interesting fashion collections, the purchasing of fashion materials or products and the development of suitable sales channels (stores, showrooms, internet). Within the training the emphasis is, however, not solely placed on fashion management but also on management. The course is designed to produce highly employable graduates with a specific understanding of the fashion industry and we encourage the understanding of fashion Design management theory and a critical appreciation of visual communications and digital media.

Program Aim

Aims of Bachelor of Fashion Design programme are:

  • Comprehensive and balanced knowledge which will enable the students to take responsibility in their personal and professional development in the fashion industry
  • Technological advancement, commercial practices, economic realities and cultural understanding along with creative skills
  • Transferable skills in personal and social framework with respect to communication, personal management, problem solving, time management and the intricate inter-personal dealings.
  • Significant understanding, independent analytical capability to handle innovative ventures and projects
  • Prominent position in the professional field with the capability to face challenges within the advertising industry and to argue and preserve thoughts and verdicts with informed confidence

Career Opportunities

Fashion designers may work as freelance designers, design for individual clients, sell to stores or cloth manufactures. Some designers work for Fashion Company or start their own fashion stores. The graduates can find job in export houses, textile mills, boutiques, garment stores, leather companies, and jewellery houses. They may work as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Journalist, Freelance Designer, Stylist, Faculty, Boutique Business, Entrepreneurship, etc. Individuals who graduate from a fashion management bachelor’s degree program can go on to work for large fashion design houses or small retail outlets, depending on their preference. Common careers include:

§ Fashion retail manager
§ Visual merchandising professional
§ Fashion marketing executive
§ Product buyer, line planner or developer
§ Showroom sales associate

Retail outlet manager

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