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  1. Title: Plant Leaf Disease Diagnosis, Classification and Enhancement for Discovery Accurate Shading through Color Model
    Diary No.: 21502/2021-CO/L
    Date of Application: 07/09/2021
    Inventors: Tahamina Yesmin; SubhankarJoardar; Pinaki PratimAcharjya; Pradeep N
    Tulika Chakrabarti ; Prasun Chakrabarti; Sandeep Poddar; Pradeep Laxkar
    Type of Creation: Article
    Language: English
    Country: India 


  • Title: Video Depression and Research
    Application No.: EC00202146734
    Date of Application: 14/09/2021
    Registration Number: 000273117
    Inventors: Rita Dwi Pratiwi, Sandeep Poddar
    Type of Creation: Video Recording Works
    Language: English
    Country: Indonesia
  • Title: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment with Controls (Hirac) In Oil Industry – A Proposed Approach.
    Registration No.: L-95712/2020
    Date of Application: 02/09/2020
    Date of Receipt: 02/09/2020
    Inventors: Mohammed Ismail Iqbal, Dr. Ibrahim Alrajawy, Dr. Osama Isaac, Dr. Ali Ameen
    Class and Description of The Work: Literary/ Dramatic Work
    Language: English
    Country: India