Faculty of Computer Science And Multimedia

The Faculty of Computer Science and Multimedia at Lincoln University College, Malaysia provides research-related programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Research at this faculty takes place in two regions, Computer Science and Multimedia. Education and research are done in close relationship with both private and public sectors. We provide a rich set of courses in programming, software design and hardware design and everything related to the field. The Faculty is assisted with competent faculty members having excellent expertise in various fields of Computer Science and Multimedia. We offer state-of-art infrastructure and computing facility to students and researchers. We teach world class training and research besides fostering active collaboration by discovering areas of interest and taking part in various research projects and consultancy services.



The undergraduate curriculum at Lincoln University College is a flexible programme that equips graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed to design artistically and commercially. Students will use the degree courses to learn about the nature, diversity, and constraints of software artefacts (programmes) aimed at the entertainment sector, as well as how to build and develop their own. We are currently running the following courses successfully under this faculty:


Postgraduate Programme

Through a variety of themes encompassing theories and applications, the postgraduate programs at Lincoln University College are designed to deepen students’ learning in Computer Science and Multimedia while also allowing them to find their own strengths and interests. The purpose is to develop high-quality employees who will go on to have successful careers in industry or pursue academic research. The following courses are presently being taught by this faculty:




Up to 80% Scholarships are provided for outstanding local and international students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity and strong character.


Flexible Study Mode

LUC is utilizing technology for conducting flexible study mode for its students which help them pursue their studies beside their other interests.


Instalment plans

LUC has made it easier for students to pursue their dreams and empower them to be able to compete in the job market by providing a wide range of instalment plans that help them pay their tuition fees on batches.

Scholarship Programs

At Lincoln University College (LUC), we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts, and gain real-world experience.