Diploma in Computer Science

KPT/JPS(A 1829)04/25

Our Diploma in Computer Science programme has been designed to help the students to acquire knowledge related to computer applications. Our well versed academicians also impart knowledge in other subject areas, related to it. This programme also focuses on the computer programming and computer development skills of the students.

Subject Highlights

Minimum Duration : 30 Months.
Maximum Duration : 30 Months.

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1ENG413English I3
2COMP 113Internet Fundamentals and Applications3
3COMP 107Fundamental Computer Principle and Programming3
4MPU2113Malaysian Studies 23
5MPU2153Malay Language Communication 23
6MPU2213Bahasa Kebangsaan A (National Language A)3
7COMP 227Web Design and Publishing3
8DCM 114Computer Related Mathematics & Statistics3
9COMP 275Business Data Communication3
10COMP 170Operating System3
11BMNG 377Organizational Behaviour3
12MPU2222Creative Problem Solving2
13COMP 232E-Commerce3
14COMP 111Software Engineering3
15DCM 216C Programming3
16MPU2332Constitution AND Society2
17COMP 280Introduction to C++ Language3
18COMP 333Calculus3
19COMP 281System Analysis and Design3
20DCM 243Multimedia Management System3
21DCM 246Visual Programming3
22MPU2442Community Service2
23DCM 128Quantitative Methods3
24COMP 219Database System3
25COMP 277Java Programming3
26DCM 254Data Structure and Algorithm3
27ENG423English II3
28BMIS 263Management Information System3
29COMP 270Object Oriented Programming3
30COMP 264Computer Security3
31COMP 300Computing Project3
32COMP 323Computer Ethics3
33COMP 253Human Computer Interaction3
34PR 101Public Relation3

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